The ABC Group, with a constant presence in the auto market in view that 1961, is nowadays one of the largest, most dynamic and developing Car Clubs in Greece, with a variety of things to do masking a huge vary of car services.In 1967 Suzuki Motor Corporation launched its exports to Greece. Thus, the ABC Group becomes the first reliable special distributor of Suzuki products in Europe. Suzuki‘s course in Greece is full of successes primarily based on the organisation and fine of offerings provided by using ABC Groupand the well-organized Pan-Hellenic Dealer Network, which is the preferred of organisation and operation for all Suzuki European Delegations .

In terms of sales, the speedy growth of the remaining decade, in which the brand has almost doubled its market share in whole and in all vehicle categories, via the improvement of its range of models, proves that the Suzuki manufacturer is continuously gaining preference. of the Greek consumerThe end result of income success got here in 2017, the place Suzuki in Greece touched a 6.1% market share, one of Suzuki’s biggest market shares in Europe.

The Suzukihas usually created unique and fun vehicles offering pleasure and pleasure through the reliability of its cars and technologies. Fun for all our car drivers of all ages. Those who will take the lead in the future that Suzuki estimated are none other than you all. We want to bring greater enjoyable and exhilaration to each person’s day. We favor to bring extra enjoyable and exhilaration to our day by day lives.Suzuki is determined to deliver the man to the forefront, making him the protagonist. In this context, it is working tirelessly to improve superior technologies that will forestall the incidence of accidents and continues the mission of making motors that deliver smiles to everyone’s faces.